Healthy Penis


San Francisco and Santa Clara County, CA, Seattle, WA, Cleveland, OH and Winnipeg, Canada
San Francisco Department of Public Health, Gay City Health Project, Rainbow Resource Centre, Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, Cleveland Department of Public Health
To raise awareness about syphilis testing and treatment, and reduce syphilis transmission
Men who Have Sex With Men (MSM)
TV Commercial, Comic Book, Billboards, Bus Shelters, Transit Ads, Publication Ads, Stress Grips, Posters, Palm Cards, Character Costumes, Temporary Tattoos, Patches, T-Shirts, Banners, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, MySpace Page, Campaign Logo, Campaign Banner Ads, Campaign Website
MSM who were aware of the Healthy Penis campaign were more likely than those unaware to have recently tested for syphilis and to have greater knowledge about syphilis. This effect was sustained for almost three years.

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