Stigma & Discrimination

Methadone Man & Buprenorphine Babe

To increase access to drug addiction treatment and reduce HIV and other harms related to injecting drug use

HIV Stops With Me: I’m HIV Positive…

To prevent the spread of HIV while also reducing the stigma associated with the disease

HIV Stops With Us: Together

To prevent the spread of HIV and reduce stigma

Gay & Black is Beautiful

To raise awareness, empowerment and build community support for Black men who have sex with men (MSM) in Harlem

User Friendly

To reduce stigma associated with substance use

Adoption SF: Family Planning

To recruit individuals and couples to adopt older children who are currently in the foster care system

Foster Kids Are Our Kids: Don't Write Me Off

To promote engagement in foster care by potential volunteers, mentors and foster parents
English and Spanish

Disclose HIV

To reduce HIV infection through discussion and informed decision making
80% said the “Disclosure” ad “got my attention right away,” 72% felt the “Status Sorting” message was appropriate for gay and bisexual men in SF and 27% said they were more likely to get tested for HIV or encourage partners to get tested as a result of seeing the “HIV Testing” ad.
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I Am Gay

To reduce HIV transmission by decreasing stigma and homophobia in the Black community

We Take Care of Our Own

To promote the Center's youth program for those experiencing homelessness
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